The Evil Crime Of Shameful Killing Of Sheikh Jaafar Adam

Full Title - The Evil Crime Of Shameful Killing Of Sheikh Jaafar Adam The Martyr (Rahimah ullah, May Allah (s.w.t.) Have Marcy On Him
Whatever motive they had in their mind the gruesome murder of Sheikh Jaafar Adam the Imam of Dorayi in Kano during Salah in his Mosque was an evil cowardly act that was never seen in the history of the Muslims in Northern Nigeria . Yes Muslims might have their differences that could lead sometimes to fracas maiming or accidentally killing one another but deliberately coming with a gun inside the Mosque during prayer session and killing the Imam and two other worshippers was the kind of unfortunate incident which was never experienced. 

The unfortunate killing which came on the eve of the election has left people wondering that our situation has deteriorated so bad and gone to such an extent as if we were in Iraq that some people could dare carry such an evil dastardly act without any sense of shame. Whatever motivated these people to assassinate this Inspiring learned Scholar has left many people stunned as they could not be comprehended by any right thinking person nay a Muslim for that matter. This evil killing planned and deliberately carried out by no less than five assassins was conducted with some sinister motive known only by the carriers of this dare-devil act and their cohorts whoever he may or they may be. Although everyone is aware of the ongoing political killings and assassinations sponsored by some evil people against their political opponents but this was the first time a scholar who devoted his life to the propagation of Deen and spreading Daawah was targeted as if he was directly involved in the on-going political crisis in the Country. As this assassination was carried on Friday Morning the very day the Sheikh was to give Khutbah (Sermon) in the Afternoon had left many bewildered wondering as to whether those who carried the heinous act did so at the behest of their masters which only God knew the reality and motive of this unfortunate gruesome killing. Any how He would judge between Jaafar and his killers exposing their motives in front of everyone and be put to shame on the Day of Judgment. At any rate the killers might have achieved their short term goals carrying such shameful act for material gains however it would make them regret forever. They would never be at rest or enjoy any kind of peace for the rest of their lives as their conscience would keep telling or reminding them the sort of evil they carried out for no reason other than material gain which would sooner or later be parted with at the time of death therefore it is them who are at loss. The day they see the Angel of death they would be frightened with no escape as they frightened innocent people pouncing on them while prostrating before Allah. So let them wait for their time when they would never escape the way they did when they killed the innocent Imam and quickly escaped so as not be seen or caught forgetting that Allah saw everything. They have temporarily escaped justice in this Duniya however they would still face the Chief Justice of the Universe Allah (S.W.T) in the Supreme Court of the Day of Judgement where all the litigants would be brought before the Just Judge. They would also meet the same fate even though they may not be gunned down as they innocently gunned the defenceless Sheikh Jaafar and his followers. As Allah is aware sooner or later they would be caught red-handed as they can never escape from the Angel of death. 

Allah has said clearly: “Wherever you may be death will overtake you even though you were in lofty towers.” So apparently they succeeded in their evil plot but surely they are the losers and not Sheikh Jaafar as he has already tasted what every one would under go i.e dying. Consequently he died like the death a martyr whom Allah said “And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He renders not their actions vain. He will guide them and improve their state, and bring them in unto the Garden which He has made known to them”. So Alhamdu Lillahi the Sheikh has fulfilled these conditions as he died while praying at the same given his life while trying to uphold the truth and he died for that course. So therefore all his sins whatever they might be would be transferred to his killers and their accomplices whoever they may be and would be condemned in Hell forever as Allah would be angry with them as He said clearly in His Book. “It is not for a believer to kill a believer unless (it be) by mistake. So Allah has laid down conditions for killing a believer mistakenly as freeing a slave and paying blood money to the family of the slain unless they remit it as charity. If a person cannot then he must fast for two consecutive months as penance from Allah for inadvertently killing such a believer. But unfortunately for the one who kills a Muslim deliberately as the one seen in the case of Late Sheikh Jaafar his condition in the Life Hereafter would be so terrible as he would consigned in Hell forever with five different kinds of punishment as clearly stated by Allah. “Who slays a believer of set purpose, his reward is Hell, forever. Allah would be angry with him and cursed him and prepared for him an awful doom.” Such is the end of any dare-devil killer such as those who took the sacred life of Sheikh Jaafar Adam ( May Allah have Mercy on Him) innocently while saying Salah in the Mosque on a Friday Morning. Therefore many people regarded him as a martyr and we pray Allah to accept him as that as he died while leading his people in the congregational Salah something every Muslim would be proud of not dying in other evil pursuits. The killers should be ashamed of themselves and their evil act. In fact right from this World as they cannot come out to disclose their identities or their evil secret motives openly nonetheless, Allah knows their evil intentions as He left them to carry their evil plot in the fight between evil and good. So in the end the good would triumph over evil and the evil people would be put to shame as promised by the Creator. So many Prophets suffered in the hands of evil people as they were killed including Zachariah and his Son John the Baptist. Similarly they attempted to kill Jesus in which some people thought and believed even today that he was killed but Allah clearly refuted and said he was neither killed nor crucified but took him to Heavens to Himself. Allah made the enemy of Jesus to be killed and not Jesus as thought by so many. In short such were the sufferings of the Prophets similarly the Companions of the Prophets suffered for the cause of Deen as Sayyadina Umar (Radhiallahu Anhu) the Second Caliph was also slain while leading Salah on Friday Morning. Sayyadina Uthman Bin Affan the Third and the fourth Caliph Sayyadina Ali all died in the hands of their assassins. This does not mean that they were unsuccessful they were definitely successful as they died with Iman. So similarly our brother Sheikh Jaafar tasted the sweetness of death in the hands of his cowards assassins reciting “Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun” immediately the first bullet struck him. His was a kind of innocent death hanging on the necks of the killers who would continue to be haunted by their evil plot. As witnessed from daily experience they would consistently be haunted by their guilt as they would have no peace remaining with them forever until death. In the end they are forced back to where Sheikh Jaafar has gone (i.e after death) and all of us would face the same fate whether we like it or not. 

Late Jaafar was trying to find solution to our own problems by telling the truth yet many evil people such as his evil assassins were not willing to listen to what the Cleric and his likes was saying. Although many didn’t want listen or hear the truth spoken by the Late Sheikh Jaafar yet at the end of the day such fact would prevail and eventually the truth would triumph whether we like it or not. Therefore killing the late Imam is not the answer to our problems instead it would compound even more of our problems on top of the current problems facing us. So we must work together to find the killers hiding in our midst instead of allowing to go scot-free thus subtly conniving with them to carry their sinister plots and they would continue doing similar thing in future. In the meantime the killers may enjoy money or any material gains temporarily but they would never enjoy the peace of mind which is enjoyed by every innocent citizen right from this World. Finally in the Hereafter they should be prepared to face the consequence of their evil pursuits earning the displeasure of Allah and His wrath for deliberately killing a Momin due to material gains that distracted them from the remembrance of Allah which late Sheikh Jaafar never forgot even at the time of death as through it do the hearts get satisfaction. He promised “O believers if you help Allah, He will help you and will make your foothold firm. Wa Akhiri Daawana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen
Posted by Babandi Gumel
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